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To heal and empower any person with substance abuse disorder in a safe, nurturing environment to assist them in becoming a respected, responsible, productive member of the community.


The mission of the Alcohol Drug Care Services, Inc., is to provide a Continuum of Care programs for people in our community dealing with substance use issues and related factors, allowing them to return to the community as healthy, productive members.


We provide long term residential treatment programs, a residential detox program, and aftercare services that are available to most members of the community (both inside and outside of Humboldt County) who feel that they have a substance use disorder or are referred by various agencies for treatment services. Our approach is a medically managed therapeutic community model using multiple evidence based treatment components. These treatment components are delivered by a highly trained staff that maintain absolute fidelity to our procedures and believe in our mission. It is our goal that the individuals successfully completing our programs are able to re-integrate with families and society in a more positive way, attain their educational and employment goals, and are given the tools and the strategies to live a more fulfilling life without the use of drugs or alcohol.


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